bubu - Blocked images on incoming e-mails present problems for marketers
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Blocked images on incoming e-mails present problems for marketers

  • Design e-mails to have key messages displayed as text above the fold, or in the
    top half of the message as seen by the recipient. Also consider placing key
    messaging in text form near the upper left hand corner where readers are
    most likely to look first.
  • Use HTML to code colors into your e-mail to make it more attractive to
    recipients not displaying images. An HTML color field hidden behind an
    image will be displayed, allowing the response link to stand out, if a
    graphical response button is blocked.
  • Use the "Alt Text" attribute to display a message that otherwise would
    not be visible if using generic alt-text descriptions such as "image 1."
  • Include a link at the top of the e-mail message that leads to a web-based
    version of the marketing message. This opens the message in a browser
    so that all graphics are intact, and adds convenience for recipients by not
    requiring changes to their e-mail preferences.
  • Incorporate optimization techniques in e-mail service provider templates to
    address image suppression.

source: Internet Retailer

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